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ShirtsNSkirts Mobile Dry Cleaning Service FAQs

How does mobile dry cleaning work?

Visit our How Mobile Dry Cleaning Works page.

Is there a pickup and delivery service fee?


Since pickup and delivery are free, is there a delivery surcharge or service fee attached to each item dry cleaned?

No, never… in fact, our prices are typically less expensive than your local dry cleaner.

Will my credit card be automatically be charged or do I have to sign the slip to pay?

We will charge you credit card automatically, per delivery. Credit card slip will be attached to upper right side of the dry cleaning delivery. Our secure system will keep your card on file for future orders.

What are my payment options?


What days do you service my neighborhood?

As a ShirtsNSkirts customers, we will stop by your home or office twice a week. Either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday depending upon your location. You will never have to call or email for a pickup. We will automatically pass your location looking for our bag.. If we see our bag, we will stop and pick it up.

Do I need to be home waiting for delivery?

No, and in most cases our customers are not home. We will leave your clothes hanging on the hook between the front door and storm door, if you don’t have a hook we will provide one free of charge. Some customers trust us with their garage door code so we can pickup and deliver any time without calling the customer. To learn more about our mobile service, please visit our How Mobile Dry Cleaning Works page

How do I start services?

Simply complete our sign up form or call 908-264-5050.

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